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Selection of Journal Entries from the Students

Samples taken off a few journals written during by individuals during the building process of the robots.


This week I spent all time on wiring and physical changes to robot. This involved adding a regulator circuit to our now 4x1.5volt supply. Our 6 volts is now our input to our power chip and is used to run our motors at full power rating. A separate 6volts is then run into my regulator circuit. (TL317 regulator and a 1K pot). This brings our 6 volts (which varies as battery power decreases) down to 3 volts required for our light sensors and to run our MSP chip. I also set up a second regulator circuit to give 5volt output required for our compass sensor and our distance sensor. This time we used a 7805 regulator (thanks to Damon’s advice) diode and 10K pot. This change was made as our TL317 used up too many volts and wouldn't’t give 5 volt out with 6 volt in………


This was a basic strategy which worked. It involved; When over a white, area simply go forward. When a black line is reached, stop, reverse roughly 15cm, turn a random number of degrees between 30-120degrees. Then drive forward again once over white and wait for next colour change. If the grey centre spot is reached simply stop entire programme and robot. I then placed this strategy into code and tested it. This worked!!!....... 04/05/2007 Today I built the final shell for the robot and mounted it. It’s a Perspex wedge design with less than 1mm clearance. Get under that paddy!!!! Ready for the war!!!!!!!! - Karl O’Brieno top


Some confusion with the light sensor circuit caused a lot of time consumption and also a change in the pull up resistor from 10 kilo ohms to 5.6 kilo ohms and it was then realised that the power supply was in fact connected wrong…… 02/03/2007 Today I wired the regulator circuit which was put in so that we could power the power chip with 6 volts but bring the voltage down to 3 volts so that we would not go overrated on the msp430 which is rated for 3 volts. When the regulator circuit was wired I brought the output voltage down to 3 volts by calibrating the trimmer pot. Next week I plan to have the regulator connected up to the msp430 and the power chip……. 11/04/07 Today was a very happy day for the Awesom-o 4000. He came second in the overall competition which we were also very pleased with. The hours running up to the competition were spent going over the code and adding the finishing touches to the shell…….. -Simon Doylek to top

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