The Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller

The notes presented here are based around the Texas Instruments MSP430F149 microcontroller. Specifically, the notes were developed using the EasyWeb 2 board from Olimex. No responsibility is accepted for the suitability of these code examples for any task.
Further information from Frank
Image of the Easy Web 2 board
The EasyWeb board can be bought here
I also have some notes for Olimex's EP9302 board here.
Introduction to microcontrollers
The TIMSP430
Simple digital I/O with the TIMSP430
C for the MSP430
ArcadeSlam on RoboSlam:Retro arcade games with the TIMSP430
ArcadeSlam: Retro gaming on the MSP430. See ArcadeSlam over at
ArcadeSlam template programme

Clocks and timing on the msp430
Interrupts and the TIMSP430 (Needs work)

Some examples.

The MSP430 development environment and simple port I/O
Simple Pulse Width Modulation (Dallas connector)
Controlling the display (display.c)
Controlling the display (display.h)
Buffered serial input/output on the EasyWeb2 board
Interfacing to a Playstation compatible gamepad.

Some material relating to Olimex's H149 board.

Olimex sell a cheaper board called the MSP430-H149. It consists of the processor, a 32kHz watch crystal and a PCB which brings the processor pins out to more robust headers.
I've found the whole clock business on the msp430 a bit confusing. This little file program allows you to route the various clocks to port pins so you can actually measure what is happening. It may make a good starting point for someone trying to undestand the clocks.
This program includes serial I/O routines modified for the H149's 32kHz crystal. It allows the user increase and decrease the duty on pin 15 using a dumb terminal application such as hyperterminal over an RS232 line.
Note:The H149's UART needs to be passed through a suitable line driver to make the logic levels compatible with RS232.

The Texas instruments compiler for the MSP430 can be found here
A simple 16 bit C-compiler to test out the examples above on a PC can be found here (Borland's Turbo C version 2.01)

Reference material

MSP430F149 data sheet
MSP430 user's guide
HD44780 display data sheet
My main research page is here.