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+ Electrical circuits    
+ AC    
  Basic circuit analysis    
  Impedance calculations    
  Kirchoffs current and voltage laws    
  Thevenin Equivalent Circuits    
  Breadboard fundamentals    
+ DC    
  Kirchoffs current voltage Laws    
  ohms law graph    
  Potential divider    
  Power dissipated by a resistor    
  resistor network circuit analysis    
  Thevenin equivalent circuits    
  Electrical components    
  Electrical quantities units and symbols    
+ Inductor and capacitor operational characteristics    
  Transient response    
  Resistor colour codes    
  Resistor networks on a breadboard    
+ Resistors in series parallel    
  idenitfy resistors in series parallel    
+ Mathematics    
+ Algebra    
  single variable    
  Angles radians and degrees    
+ Arithmetic    
  with brackets    
  with fractions    
  binary numbers    
+ calculus    
  derivatives - basic problems    
  derivatives - match plots    
+ complex numbers    
+ complex number arithmetic    
  level 1    
  level 2    
  level 3    
  level 4    
  level 5    
  complex number representations    
  Expression manipulation    
  hex numbers    
+ match functions to plots    
  equation of a line    
+ quadratic equations    
+ roots    
  type 1    
+ rounding    
  decimal places    
  significant figures    
  scientific notation    
+ set theory    
  simulataneous equations    
  Transposition of equations    
+ trigonometry    
+ Operation of electrical measurement and supply devices    
  DC power supply    
  Handheld digital multimeter    
  Scope and signal generator    
+ Programming    
+ C programming quizzes    
  if-else and while    
  if-else statements    
  while loops    
+ matlab programming quizzes    
  if-else and while    
  if-else statements    
  while loops    
+ Signals and systems    
+ Continuous systems and their representations    
+ Discrete Fourier Transform    
  DFT fundamentals    
  DFT in practice    
+ Discrete systems and their representations    
+ mixed system views    
  match signal flow diagram to transfer function    
  match frequency response to signal flow diagram    
  match pole-zero plot to frequency response    
  match pole-zero plot to difference equation    
  match pole-zero plot to signal flow diagram    
  match resonator pole-zero plot to frequency response    
  match transfer function to frequency response